Potential and priority sectors for investment

District investment potential


Hydrocarbon feed

Today, the main global trends in the development of the Arctic are the exploration and use of reserves of colossal amounts of raw materials and minerals, the use of a fundamentally new logistic shoulder - the Northern Sea Route and the development of the scientific Arctic base.
Large reserves of oil and gas are located on the territory of the Nenets Autonomous Okrug. In the Northwestern Federal District, the NAO has the highest potential for subsoil development. Moreover, the deposits are not actually “printed out”; there is a problem of exploration of the subsoil. Main objectives: attracting large investment projects to the region to increase oil and gas production, increasing oil production at existing fields and creating hydrocarbon processing infrastructure in the Nenets Autonomous Okrug.

Northern Sea Route

NAO has direct access to the sea along the Northern Sea Route. The territory of the region is washed by the Barents, White and Kara Seas. The coastline exceeds 1,500 km., Which is 10% of the coastline of the Russian section of the Northern Sea Route. Currently, the largest world companies carry out test passes along this route, however, business expansion is constrained by the lack of port and coastal infrastructure along the route. The Nenets Autonomous Okrug can provide a range of services to the following vessels on a given route at a lower cost.


On the territory of the Nenets Autonomous District, 23 institutions carry out cultural activities, including:
- museums - 2;
- central library - 1 (with 33 branches);
- cultural and leisure institutions - 20 (3 of them - in the city of Naryan-Mar and n. Iskateley, 17 - in the village).

In the field of folk art, there are more than 329 amateur club groups, more than 3,500 residents of the district are involved in the work of them. 22 teams have the title of "People" and "Exemplary."
In the field of folk art crafts in the district, 3 enterprises and more than 300 amateur craftsmen make products from leather and fur, deer and wood horns and bones, there are artistic hand knitting and patchwork, lace and beadwork.

Arctic tourism

The tourist products that the district offers today:
- agricultural products (venison and fish);
- nature-oriented product (alloys, environmental education);
- ethnographic product (ethnographic routes);

Key tourist services of the region: ethnographic routes, hunting, fishing, rafting, environmental education, northern cuisine.

Scientific and technical sphere

NAO has the potential to develop science and innovation. The example of the foreign Arctic confirms the enormous role of innovative solutions and technologies that radically change the whole face of the Arctic economy and the social sphere of the Arctic economy. The Nenets Autonomous Okrug may act as a testing ground for testing high technologies and the latest technology.