Financial support

Financial support

At the start of the business and at the stage of its development, financial resources are needed that can go to purchase the necessary equipment, materials and fulfill obligations under customer contracts.

On the territory of the okrug, support is provided within the framework of the state program of the Nenets Autonomous Okrug “Development of Entrepreneurship in the Nenets Autonomous Okrug”.

The amount of funds that are provided to support small and medium enterprises in the region.

For questions of obtaining state support (grants and subsidies), you can contact:

Department of Finance and Economics of NAO

Matveeva Irina Viktorovna

For questions regarding microloans and guarantees, please contact:

Fund for Support of Entrepreneurship and NAO Guarantee

Sukhikh Olga Stepanovna

For questions about obtaining leasing services, you can contact:

JSC "Center for Business Development NAO"

Popova Olga Nikolaevna