Regulatory Impact Assessment

Regulatory Impact Assessment is an effective tool to get you heard


The regulatory impact assessment procedure allows you to take into account the interests of entrepreneurs at the earliest stage - the development of the idea of ​​legal regulation.

ODS helps identify possible options for achieving goals, evaluate the positive and negative effects associated with them, and select the most effective option in accordance with specific established procedures.

The Institute for Regulatory Impact Assessment allows a systematic approach to the processes of introducing, amending and repealing the legal norms governing economic activity, and to improve the quality of regulation and the validity of possible changes in the regulatory framework of economic activity. An important element of the ODS procedure is conducting public consultations with stakeholders, which allows identifying the positions of stakeholders, making the process of considering the interests of all groups affected by the new regulation transparent, ensuring a free statement and the ability to take into account these interests.

The main tasks that the ODS procedure solves:
- calculation of the benefits and costs of business entities and other activities, other interested parties related to the payment of payments established by the regulation, other organizational expenses for fulfilling the newly introduced requirements, including the costs of employees' labor time, the necessary materials, as well as the costs of consulting and training;
- assessment of the impact of regulation on the business climate and investment attractiveness of a country or region, competition and market structure;
- ensuring the selection of the most effective solution to problems;
- reducing the risks associated with the new regulation and increasing the confidence of citizens and business in decisions made by the state.
Information on the assessment of the regulatory impact in general and specifically on the participation of interested persons from among the subjects of the entrepreneurial community of the region can be obtained at the Department of Finance and Economics of the NAO by phone 2-11-97.
Projects that undergo ODS can be viewed on the website of the Department of Finance and Economics.